Hello Sego Lily Roadrunner, HAPPY SUMMER!! 

You are invited to participate in our “Be A Bookworm” Summer Reading Program. All Sego Lily grades K-3 students are welcome and encouraged to participate! All you have to do is….
1) Print and write your name on the attached 3 Bookworms and hang them on your fridge or somewhere it’s an easy reminder and easy to keep track of. (required)
2) Watch the “Be A Bookworm This Summer” GoogleSlides Show at  https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1b5OYnYhz8l6cL5Ro576G3iRmNvIrKURgB8s4AkKZgk8/edit?usp=sharing.  (optional)
3) Color one square on a Bookworm each time you read for 20 minutes. If you read for an hour, you can color in 3 squares. It is not required that you do the reading activity, but it is required that you read at least 20 minutes before you color in a square. There are lots of ways to have fun reading. Simply
a) find a book on or below your reading level (see attached for an introductory list of books listed by DRA reading level available at our Lehi City Library);
b) find a book that interests you (space, fairy, mystery, animals, graphic novels, weather, etc.), and
c) choose a fun reading activity and READ, READ, READ. (required)
4) Have your parents join our “Sego Lily Summer Readers” Facebook page and share your favorite stories, reading activities, new reading activity ideas, a book review, your favorite part of a story, or anything else you’d like your Sego Lily Summer Reading friends to hear. (optional)
5) Ask your parents for a reward each time you complete one of the Bookworm charts. (optional).
6) Check our Reading Page on our Sego Lily School Website https://segolily.alpineschools.org/ regularly to find links for online reading resources and other helpful tips for reading. (optional)
7)  SAVE & RETURN each completed bookworm to your teacher when you return to school in the fall. You will receive a raffle ticket for each Bookworm chart you turn in to be eligible to win some great prizes. (required)
If you have any questions, please send an email to Kristy McEwan, our Summer Reading Program coordinator, at [email protected].