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Alpine School District has changed policy on how to donate to your child’s class. Rather than give cash to a teacher, please donate through the Alpine Foundation. It is not necessary to donate, but does help out tremendously.

Here is the process:

1) Click on the Donate Button

2) Choose an amount you’d like to donate and if you’d like this to be a recurring (monthly) donation. If you don’t check the “make this a monthly donation” box, it will be a one-time donation.

3) Please specify the teacher to whom you’d like to donate under the “purpose of donation”. Just click on it, and say “I’d like to donate this money to Mrs. Myteacher”.┬áIf you don’t fill this out, it will go to a general fund and Sego Lily won’t see any of the money.

4) This can be done with a credit card, or through your Paypal account. If choosing Paypal, again, make sure to specify to whom you’d like to donate. You may also donate to “Sego Lily” in general.